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Tetrosyl G Force 5W30 C3 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil 20 Litres

SKU: gfv050-1

Tetrosyl G Force Fully Synthetic Engine 5w-30 C3 Oil 20 Litres

Force 5W-30 Longlife C3 is a fully synthetic,
low-saps oil for Diesel and Petrol engines and in
particular for BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Vauxhall & Chevrolet
diesel cars and light vans on extended service intervals.

Where we recommend the use of Force 5W-30 Longlife C3:
Latest Diesel engines fitted with DPF to meet European Emissions requirements.
Diesel and Petrol engines which require ACEA C3 & API SN.

Low ash content helps reduce particulate build up in DPF.
Low Sulphur & Phosphorus reduce poisoning of Petrol Catalytic Converters.
Increased thermal & oxidation stability reduces oil aging allowing extended drain intervals.
Reduces environmental impact through reduced emissions.


MB 229.31
GM Dexos2